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The kilted Artisan

Green-wood craft-artist

 working entirely by hand and foot, interpreting the tradition with fresh expression for a contemporary age!

Unique bowls, spoons, spurtles, 

and other pieces.

Shaving Horse.jpg


I love working with hand tools and organic materials, it's quiet, ecologically sound, and involves my whole self -  hands, head, feet and heart!  It's also very satisfying working observantly with the uniqueness of each species of wood, and as a result not one piece of work is exactly like another. Designed to age gracefully with use, the hand finished surfaces develop a patina over time and their forms reflect light to delight the eye. 

The retro tools and technology I use echo those used by countless generations of artisans, artists, and makers over many centuries.  Building on this heritage, my aim is to create beautiful craft art and useful pieces for a contemporary age.  The aesthetic is refined rustic with the makers tool marks subtly left on the finished piece.

Works shown on this website have been created from sustainable, fresh felled or wind blown green wood. All finishes are non-toxic and organic.

Shoe Craft

"Handmade wooden objects have a special quality that connect us to their maker and gives them an innate humanity.  Seek out wood versions of everyday items and you will be rewarded every time you use them"

- Ryuji Mitani

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