Buying My Work


Orders will ship via NZ Post tracked within one to three business days. I will send you a tracking number and the date the order has been sent. 


Each piece is handmade and cumulatively takes me many hours, and sometimes days, to complete, therefore there is no returns policy.  However should there be damage due to shipping I will assist with claims to NZ Post.


For items made to be used, just wash dirty part in warm soapy water, or brush under running cold tap, rinse and immediately towel dry (not dishwasher safe!).To rejuvenate the wood once or twice a year wipe on a generous coat of mineral, flaxseed/linseed oil (NOT boiled linseed oil), tung, or walnut oil.  Let soak overnight before polishing off any excess.  Do not use vegetable oil it may become rancid.