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Kahikatea Bowl Blue and Linen

Kahikatea Bowl Blue and Linen

Kahikatea bowl in Soldier Blue/Linen milk paint finished with walnut/beeswax butter.  160mm x 60mm deep. 


Hand turned on 100% non electric foot operated spring pole lathe using blacksmith hand forged bowl hooks to shape the spinning piece of wood. I use "green" or fresh wood with the sap and moisture still in it, so once it is turned, the bowl is put into wood shavings and allowed to dry slowly. This process usually gives the bowl a distinct, unique oval shape and an undulating rim, since different parts of the tree shrink at different rates.  Frequently, as in this case, I find I'm smoothing the interior of bowls with curved metal scrapers and leaving the exterior with its distinctive hand tooled bowl hook surface for a pleasing textural contrast!


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