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Kanuka Eating Spoon

Kanuka Eating Spoon

Hnad carved Kanuaka Eating Spoon/ Mulberry Red milk paint handle finished in walnut oil/bees wax.  


Wooden eating and cooking spoons, and those used for other purposes,  have a wonderful history dating back thousands of years.  Not only functional and pleasantly tactile to use, they may be also regarded as "a kind of functional sculpture.  That they also serve a purpose beyond their form is, I believe, what can make them exceptional." - Joshua Vogel, The Artful Wooden Spoon.  With every spoon I make I hope to  achieve a balance of form and function, but more than that to make a versatile, beautiful, utensil which is a joy to use.  


Just wash the unpainted part in warm soapy water, or brush under running cold tap, towel dry (not dishwasher safe).

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