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Pearwood Bowl Mustard

Pearwood Bowl Mustard

Pearwood oval bowl with pronounced handle-like ends, finished in Mustard milk paint and flaxseed oil.  160/150mm D x 55mm.  Sadly, due to decay, the pear tree had to be felled, but happily I was able to use the sound wood.  


Hand turned on 100% non electric foot operated spring pole lathe using blacksmith hand forged bowl hooks to shape the spinning piece of wood. I use "green" or fresh wood with the sap and moisture still in it, so once it is turned, the bowl is put into wood shavings and allowed to dry slowly. This process gives the bowl a distinct, unique oval shape and undulating rim, since different parts of the tree shrink at different rates. I then put two layers of milk paint on it and finish with food safe flax seed oil.  The more you use it the more it will develop a patina and I hope become a treasured object.

  • Care Instructions

    Just wash unpainted part in warm soapy water, or brush under running cold tap, rinse and immediately towel dry (not dishwasher safe).  To rejuvenate the wood once or twice a year wipe on a generous coat of mineral, flaxseed/linseed oil (NOT boiled  linseed), tung or walnut oil.  Let soak overnight before polishing off any excess.  Do not use vegetable oil it will become rancid.

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