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Palm Kanuka Dibbler

Palm Kanuka Dibbler

Palm Kanuka seed dibbler.  150mm L x 35mm D.  


A dibbler, dibble or dibber makes planting seeds, seedlings and bulbs a delight. Each dibbler is hand turned on my 100% non electric foot operated spring pole lathe freehand from windblown or trimmed trees. The black lines are marked at 25mm spaces to use as a depth gauge.


To use for seeds, by dragging it through the soil at the desired depth to create a trench to sprinkle the seeds into, or for planting seedlings and bulbs by pushing the tool down into the soil to the required depth. Your dibbler should last for many years if you brush or wash it free of dirt and store in a dry place.


The dibbler set gives the gardener a few more options. The small one with the ball shaped handle is light and quick to use for large seeds or very small seedlings. The full-sized one is good for larger bulbs and seedlings, or dragging seed trenches.

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