Scottish Spurtle, Alder

Scottish Spurtle, Alder

Spurtle, Alder.  300mm L 


The spurtle is a traditional Scottish cooking utensil originating from the 15th century used as a stirrer for porridge, soups, stews and broths. I have also used it for custard.


Why use a spurtle? The main reason for using a spurtle is to prevent lumps forming during the process of cooking. Due to its cylindrical shape, the spurtle allows the oats etc to be stirred without the dragging effect of the head of a wooden spoon. Not only does this prevent lumps, the spurtle’s smaller surface area also prevents the food from sticking to it.


A great kitchen aid which can become an indispensable, versatile, beautiful, cooking utensil. I use mine almost daily! An ideal additional wedding, engagement, or house-warming present too.

  • Care Instructions

    Just wash in warm soapy water, or brush under running cold tap, rinse and immediately towel dry (not dishwasher safe).  To rejuvenate the wood once or twice a year wipe on a generous coat of mineral, flaxseed/linseed oil (NOT boiled  linseed), tung or walnut oil.  Let soak overnight before polishing off any excess.  Do not use vegetable oil it will become rancid.