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Ebonised Medieval Oak Bowl and Spoon 201D

Ebonised Medieval Oak Bowl and Spoon 201D

Oak Ebonized Bowl  and Spoon   

This duo is a nod to the eating utensils of Medieval banqueting halls!  Solid, rich in colour and texture and made to last for generations. 

Handcarved, unique, deep bowl spoon , lovely light curved handle.  Burnished with greenstone and food safe oiled, 190mm L.

Bowl was hand/foot made on spring pole lathe. Ebonised on the inside to highlight the rustic surface left by the hook tools, exterior milk painted black over marigold, 155 x 140 x 65mm.

To get the ebonised affect steel wool is steeped in white vinegar and the chemical reaction makes a stain which reacts uniquely with different species of wood!

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